About Meatspecial B.V.

Meatspecial BV

For more than 45 years, Meatspecial has been the right address for anyone looking for meat products of the very best quality. This family run company based in Varsseveld in the Netherlands is the specialist in the production of a wide range of cooked meat products for, among others, producers of salads, ready-meals and snacks.

From a complete sausage to a sliced ​​and grilled product in which Privat-label, Tailormade, Sodium reduced, Beter Leven and Clean Label belong to the possibilities. Thanks to our modern machinery, almost everything is possible at Meatspecial BV!

Premier quality
A team of professionals, with the expertise in vital issues such as raw materials, production methods and processing, is hard at work every day to safeguard the quality and safety of the products and to improve them wherever and whenever possible. And the team certainly enjoys its success, clearly demonstrated by the excellent long standing relationships with clients, along with the new clients Meatspecial continues to welcome onboard. Food safety is absolutely key to Meatspecial’s internal quality management system. We possess a well implemented HACCP system to guarantee this safety. Our quality and food safety system is also BRC certified.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Finally, corporate social responsibility is always high on our agenda. At Meatspecial we want to be absolutely clear about the source of our products. In addition, our processes are becoming increasingly more environmentally friendly. For example, we use less gas and power in our buildings and during production and we separate our waste flows. We consider it to be our responsibility to be a reliable employer and we continue to attract and maintain staff by offering excellent working conditions in a safe and healthy working environment.

Own transport
Meatspecial possesses its own fleet of climate controlled trucks, used to deliver the daily orders exactly as specified and agreed with our clients. As we possess our own transport, the company is also able to supply our clients outside regular opening hours and in the event of urgent situations, 24/7. As well as our own fleet, if required we use alternative transport, for example to deliver smaller orders not part of our normal runs.